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Author Mary Rincon has created a cute and enjoyable story in Maresas Day. She takes us through the journey of a childs day, filled with all the wonder, excitement, curiousty and anticipation we all once knew. While written with children in mind, we all could benefit from the innocence and pure joy found in these pages. For children it's a story of expression, yet leaving room for the child in all of us to be reborn and once again, set free to imagine.

Cheryl Bousquet
Poet & Songwriter

Saving Princess Maresa is a cute book for very young girls to read. it is an adventure where they can help save Princess Maresa from a spider plus help the Princess get out of another perdicament she got herself into running from the spider. I think it is also a good read along book for parents and young children. I give it 4 1/2 stars.

Cissy Hunt
Author of
A Rose Blooms Among the Thorns
The story of a woman's journey from domestic abuse through healing to forgiveness

Thank you, Mary for sending me those books you wrote. I enjoyed reading them.  God always brings comfort to us if we believe and trust him. I believe they will hit home to so many suffering and being lost. God has truely blessed you with a gift. May you reach many with your writings, in Jesus' name Amen. -Terri Lee Edwards

Mary, I finally was able to pull up the book today. It's adorable, and Eddie did a great job on the illustrations. You only had one misspelling and that's when you said Maresa looked out the window, but it should say I saw, not I seen. Just trying to be helpful. The book is just darling. You didn't have any mail today. Have a bad cold so trying to rest and take it easy. Love you, Joyce

(Maresa's Day) What a delightful book! The love between mother and child is apparent through Mary Rincon's loving story about her daughter. Children will enjoy this story and be able to relate to Maresa's Day-Nancy Rood

It was a great book (Forces of Doom Will Be Forgotten), I could not put it down! I only hope Mrs Rincon would write more books .I only hope more writers would write as deep as Mary Rincon .-Customer

I have read other books by Mary and just like her book called "Dead or Alive Agent Orange", I found enjoyment in the simplicity of her writing in Innocence. -Virginia Galligan

I have read Dead or Alive, Agent Orange in one sitting...I just kept turning the page to see what happened next. This is an extraordinary write, full of twists. The author's approach to the story is compact, but clear. The characters, especially the aunt and step-mother, are real-to-life. Just when I thought the author had solved the issue surrounding the dad, she dishes out another twist --- a possible clone! The author's voice comes through in the unique and refreshing style of her writing. Dead or Alive is a swift but engaging read. I enjoyed it. In fact, I'll be re-reading a much slower pace this time. Thank you for the privilege, Mary. I hope the review is okay. Feel free to make adjustments. Here's hoping sales are numerous. -Lena Jones

(Dead Or Alive Agent Orange)There are people that would judge this by its length and dismiss it. Yes, it is a quick read. However there is true emotions within it. When reading, it felt like you were given "snapshots" in the format it was written, reminding me of prose or loose poetry. These "snapshots" told a story, an emotional story, of a daughter's quest about her father. Again, don't judge by the length, judge by the content. -Virginia Galligan

Simply Delicious

Simply Delicious Recipes Simply Delicious Recipes is a wonderful cookbook. The recipes are simple to make yet delightful. Then to top it off as a cookbook that is diffrent from other cookbooks, not only do the recipes offer healthy eating. Simply Delicious Recipes takes it a step further by giving you a little extra boost by accompanying each recipe with a bible verse that inspire and encourage you to try your best. Now thats a good way to stay strong and focused while dieting. Two thumbs up for Simply Delicious Recipes. Joyce Reid


Simply Delicious" is an inspiring, heartfelt book filled with recipes to feed the natural man and scriptures to feed the soul! I recommend this book to anyone looking for inspiration to lose weight that may not know where to begin. This is no ordinary diet plan. Mary Rincon gives you a spiritual foundation of first seeking God for guidance on how to begin your day and even asking Him what to eat! She is teaching us, by her example of morning prayer, that God is concerned about every facet of our daily lives. Through daily prayer, preparation of any of these delicious meal choices, and exercise, you will be well on your way to completing your goals for a healthy lifestyle and a closer walk with the Lord. Blessings, Prophetess Yolanda P. Hamilton Lion of Judah Intn'l Ministries (Co-Pastor) W.E.B.B. Ministries Inc. (Founder/CEO

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Dead Or Alive Agent Orange

 Book Review

Reviewed by Katelyn Hensel for Readers' Favorite

At first, I was a bit put off by the stilted style of the writing in Dead or Alive Agent Orange by Mary Rincon. Everything is so short and clipped that I felt it was jarring. However, as I thought about how this kind of writing was applied, and to which scenes, it actually started to make some sense. The narrator is struggling through the grief of her dying grandfather. When anyone deals with grief, how do they speak? Short, clipped, and vacant. No one really talks on and on; they are just wrapped up in their own thoughts, responding quickly and without emotion when they have been shaken by a question or comment from another person. In that respect, the writing style was quite brilliant. It portrays an emotion, a feeling, an image, without actually having spelled it out at all. Very attentive to detail and skillfully done.

The formatting was also a bit jarring until you get used to it. There were many chapters that were only a page or two, and the thoughts seemed to jump around a bit too much for me. However, if you stick with it, you really start to form a picture in your mind of what's going on and you get a curious sense of pride that you have pieced together all these scattered moments and memories. The book in general is a mix of genres. It's kind of a novel, but also kind of a memoir. It's difficult to place, but I thought it was very well written and well done. I would recommend for anyone looking for a bit of a thrill.