Mary Rincon

Author and Minister

Maresa's Day



Seeing through a child's eyes, come along and enjoy a Maresa's Day.                                                   

Prayers That Break Evil Forces

This book is about your prayer life. Read and learn to pray and walk with God. See how powerful prayer can be.

Dead Or Alive Agent Orange



Inspired by her father, "Father dies of Agent Orange, But is he dead or Alive?"

 Junes father ran from Government Agency, because of not going back to Vietnam on account he wanted to stay @ home with wife and kids after catching Agent Orange.

Did he really get buried ? did he catch Agent Orange? Who really was Junes Father ? Was he alive ? or is he still working for the military in secret hiding ?

Find out more about it in this Book series Volume One of three.



Saved and Set Free

 Healed From a Brain Tumor
Survived the abuses of the past.
Overcame different obstacles.
Mary Rincon is married with beautiful children
Is an author of two books
Forces Of Doom will Be forgotten
And Prayers that Break Evil Forces
She is a Wedding minister
A minister of a church called Jesus Is coming
Read this inspirational faith healing story.

Forces Of Doom Will Be Forgotten

Forces of Doom will be Forotten"--An inspirational book on looking at the past to move forward in life,walking in love ,peace ,and joy,Learning to walk in forgiveness able to touch the miracles of God.Read miracles forming and around in this journey,A story of a child,teenager,and mother holding on to God and not giving up,No matter the outcome a must read inspirational. I am very excited about this book. I hope it will help others overcome being abused. My abuse started as a child around two years old. It ended when I evaluated my surroundings, walked the not so comfortable direction, finding God in my life has given me a great peace.

How Godly Marriage Is Protected


How Godly Marriage Is Protected is about how godly marriage is protected There are verses in the Bible how God intervenes in Godly Marriage; You don't have to be perfect to be in a Godly Marriage. Just a Believer who lets God in your life. God has created the first Marriage in the begining of time, with Adam and Eve. They didn't go to a church, but they were in a Godly Marriage. They made mistakes and still had a marriage covenant with God. Follow me in scriptures in the NIV and KJV of the Bible. Also learn a follow how God Intervened and protected my marriage .